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Launched in 2019, French Tech Tremplin is the programme that promotes equal opportunities and supports entrepreneurs from backgrounds that are under-represented in the French tech ecosystem to develop their entrepreneurial project.

Our conviction with this programme is that talent and innovation have no barriers. We believe in diversity as a strength, in equal opportunities as a founding principle, and in entrepreneurship as a catalyst for social progress. Each entrepreneur and project we support represents a step towards a fairer, more inclusive future. We are proud to contribute to positive change and to ensure that all talented people have access to the same opportunities to create solutions to tomorrow’s challenges.

Clara Chappaz

French Tech Mission

Programme description

Programme objective

The programme aims to promote diversity and rebalance opportunities to ensure that all talented people have access to the same benefits as entrepreneurs from more privileged backgrounds. The projects selected will be supported and, in the Incubation phase, financed within the limits of available budgets. Ce programme a remporté le Prix européen de la Promotion de l’Esprit d’Entreprise dans la catégorie « Entrepreneuriat responsable et inclusif ».

Service offer

The French Tech Tremplin is made up of two types of support depending on the level of maturity of the entrepreneurial project and the needs of the entrepreneurs: a preparatory phase and an incubation phase.

French Tech Springboard preparatory phase

The Prépa phase is designed for entrepreneurs (individuals), with the aim of helping them to launch their business and test their entrepreneurial skills. Support is provided by the network of French Tech Capitals and Communities in France and overseas.

Participants in the Preparatory Phase have access to a support programme and a range of tools to help their project emerge.

Incubation phase of French Tech Tremplin

The Incubation phase lasts for one year and is aimed at start-ups (legal entities) less than 3 years old, wishing to accelerate their development. This phase

Support within one of our partner incubators

Support at a partner incubator is punctuated by meetings and events organised by their Capital or French Tech Community to connect the winners with the local entrepreneurial fabric.

Financial support and guidance

Winners have access to financial support of up to €22,900 to develop their start-up.

Programme key data

+1000 entrepreneurs

supported by the programme since its inception

53% laureates from Tremplin Incubation 2021

of them took on Full Time Employees (FTEs) in the first year

21% laureates from Tremplin Incubation 2021

have raised or are in the process of raising funds

93% start-ups laureates from Tremplin Incubation

are still growing

Programme history

January 2019 Launch of the French Tech Tremplin programme

The aim of this programme is to help entrepreneurs who are under-represented in the ecosystem to create and launch their start-ups. Since 2019, more than 1,000 entrepreneurs have been supported in the creation and development of their business.

November 2022 European Enterprise Awards

The French Tech Tremplin programme has won the European Prize for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship in the “Responsible and Inclusive Entrepreneurship” category. The award recognises initiatives that promote entrepreneurship and small businesses at national, regional and local level across Europe. It was organised as part of the SME Assembly 2022, which took place over 3 days in Prague with the European Commission and the Council of Europe.

From 15 October 2023 to 15 December 2023 Season 4 Preparatory phase schedule

For 2 months, the laureates of the French Tech Springboard preparatory phase will have access to a support programme from their French Tech Capital or Community, as well as a range of tools and support to help your project get off the ground.

November 2023 Announcement of winners Incubation season 3

Coming soon!

Selection criteria

Applicants must meet at least one of the social diversity criteria defined below and provide proof of this.

Economic criteria:

  • Be in receipt of minimum social benefits (RSA, AAH, etc.)

  • Be a student with a grant or a former student with a grant (less than one year since the end of the grant) at levels 5 to 7

  • Be a ward of the State

Residency criteria:

  • Reside in a priority urban district

  • Reside in a rural regeneration zone

  • Criteria only valid for residents of the French Overseas Departments and Territories: living in an active watch district

Personal background:

  • Have refugee status recognised by OFPRA

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