French Tech Central

The French Tech Central programme, launched in 2017, aims to make it easier for all start-ups to access the main public services in their territory that are useful to their daily lives and growth, with the aim of identifying their specific needs and ensuring a coordinated response between public players.

French Tech Central’s ambition is to put the State at the service of entrepreneurs, as close to them as possible and throughout the country. The concept is simple: to bring together all the right people in one place to find solutions to the administrative challenges faced by entrepreneurs, and to encourage the sharing of experience.

Clara Chappaz

French Tech Mission

Programme description

Programme objective

This programme involves the permanent or occasional physical installation of government representatives in the totem sites of the 16 French Tech Capitals. It is the French Tech network that deploys the programme in their territories. There are more than 60 public administrations partnering the programme and more than 245 correspondents meeting the needs of start-ups.

Service offer

The French Tech Central programme is deployed by the French Tech Capitals in their territories. It is aimed at all start-ups, with the mission of facilitating their local access to the main public services that are useful to their daily lives and growth.

Personalised support

This support, deployed by the French Tech Capitals with the support of public partners, takes a variety of forms: office hours, workshops and masterclasses. These meetings, aimed at all start-ups, are organised according to their needs.

Cooperation between start-ups and the public sector

During these meetings, and depending on the opportunities, public-sector players and start-ups can work together, for example, on public procurement procedures, open innovation initiatives or beta-testing.

Key data for 2023

876 start-up beneficiaries

Since the scheme was launched in each of the French Tech Capitals and Communities concerned, French Tech Central has continued to meet the needs of the French start-up ecosystem.

245 public interlocutors

distributed throughout the French Tech Correspondents network, made up of more than 60 public partners throughout France

1514 appointments

completed since the launch of French Tech Central, between 2021 and 2023


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