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The 115 French Tech Capitals and Communities in the French Tech Mission network are recruiting! Coordinating the French tech ecosystem, monitoring local start-ups, international relations, managing regional events, deploying French Tech Central - each of the network's missions is essential.

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French Tech could not be as dynamic in every region without the commitment of the French Tech network and all the innovation players involved.

It is thanks to our entrepreneurs that we have been able to build one of the most dynamic tech ecosystems in the world, with more than 6,000 start-ups supported by the network, which has been unanimously acclaimed abroad. Become part of the French start-up movement by joining one of our 115 French Tech Capitals and Communities!

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What is a French Tech Capital or Community?

French Tech Capitals and Communities are private-sector organisations that are awarded the French Tech Mission label every 3 years.

They bring together local innovation players and mobilise them around joint initiatives to promote the development of start-ups, in line with the French Tech and Mission the local priorities of their ecosystem.

What is a French Tech Capital?

The Capitales French Tech are the relays of the Mission French Tech on the national territory. They are made up of teams who develop the technological and digital ecosystem in their region and roll out the Mission French Tech programmes.

They are made up of teams from a wide range of tech backgrounds: start-ups, investment funds, support structures, talent, etc.

What is a French Tech Community in France?

The French Tech Communities in France are groups of volunteer entrepreneurs who, in addition to the actions carried out by the French Tech Capitals, lead the ecosystem of innovation players in their area and intensify their collaboration.

What is a French Tech Community abroad?

The French Tech International Communities are groups of volunteer French or Francophile entrepreneurs who represent the French Tech Mission and help to promote our ecosystem throughout the world. Their role is to encourage exchanges between the French network (embassies, consulates, Business France, etc.) and the local ecosystem.

They are responsible for supporting the French Tech Mission’s international activities by leading and taking part in the life of the local entrepreneurial community and supporting the development of French start-ups in their ecosystems.

What does a French Tech Capital or Community do on a day-to-day basis?

The French Tech Capitals and Communities, set up by the French Tech Mission to play an active role in the dynamism of the French tech ecosystem at regional level, are involved on an operational level.

Their missions are based on 2 main activities:

  • To roll out the French Tech Mission initiative locally by deploying the 3 French Tech Mission programmes dedicated to mobilising the region – French Tech Rise, French Tech Tremplin and French Tech Central – and by communicating about the winning start-ups in the other French Tech Next40/120 and French Tech 2030 programmes.

  • Design and implement structuring actions, on their own initiative, in line with the French Tech Mission’s strategic priorities and aimed at start-ups. They organise a large number of events in their region, from Nantes to Taiwan, via Dubai, Toulouse and Paris, bringing together start-ups, investment funds, support structures, talent and public players.

Here are a few examples of events organised by the French Tech network:

  • Connected Women from La French Tech Angers has helped to amplify the communication and impact of the Pacte Parité at a local level.

  • The NA20 support programme run by La French Tech Bordeaux is helping to raise the profile of 20 start-ups combining growth, job creation and social or environmental impact.

  • La French Tech Miami’s French Tech Capital Days brought together French start-ups based in the United States and American investors.

What role can I play in the French Tech network?

A French Tech Community differs from a French Tech Capital in the main status of its members, who commit themselves on a voluntary rather than salaried basis.

Although roles may vary, the organisational structure of a French Tech Capital or a Community remains similar. They are made up of :

  • A board of chairmen and chairwomen who define the strategy, roadmap and project portfolio.

  • Teams of experts working in a number of areas: implementation of support programmes, start-up relations/Customer Success Manager, start-up coordination, VCs and internationals, communications and editorial, events and partnerships, graphic design, treasury, secretarial/administrative services, and many more…

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They all share a common desire to contribute to the State’s action by playing a part in federating and mobilising the French Tech ecosystem in their geographical area.

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