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French Tech Correspondents

In order to support the development of start-ups selected in the French Tech programmes and roll out French Tech Central across the country, a unique network of 60 partner government departments and public services has been set up by the French Tech Mission. The aim is to mobilise all government departments in support of the French Tech ecosystem.

What is the French Tech Correspondents network?

As ambassadors for start-ups and the challenges of innovation within their institutions, they make their expertise available to start-ups and participate in the internal transformation of their organisations.

This is a community of 60 contacts, identified in the partner administrations and public services, including Business France, the Customs and Excise Department, INPI, AFNOR, the Banque de France and URSSAF.

They are familiar with the specific challenges faced by start-ups, providing support on issues such as international development, intellectual property, financing and human resources. They are in close touch with the issues faced by start-ups, and work with Mission French Tech to help develop public policies and regulations to meet the challenges of France’s competitiveness and attractiveness.

One example is the French Tech Visa, a simplified procedure for non-European investors, founders and employees of start-ups who want to set up in France.

Mission French Tech has a twofold objective:

  • Reinforce the support provided by government departments to the start-up ecosystem, by mobilising their expertise and supporting companies as part of the French Tech Next40/120, French Tech 2030 and French Tech Central programmes.

  • Ongoing sharing of start-up issues in the design of the French Tech Mission’s public policies

What does a French Tech Correspondent do?

The aim of a French Tech Correspondent is to facilitate relations between start-ups and the French authorities, by ensuring that entrepreneurs have access to :

  • Dedicated support in all areas of business development (tax security with the DGFIP, intellectual property support with the Inpi, Banque de France quotation).

  • More coherent public policies to support the development of their start-ups

In concrete terms, the French Tech Correspondent works closely with the start-up managers of the French Tech Mission programmes to :

  • Better inform entrepreneurs about opportunities arising from legislation and regulation

  • Identify new legislative or regulatory measures designed to promote the development of the French Tech ecosystem

French Tech Correspondents are present throughout the country at various levels:

  • At national level, in liaison with the French Tech Mission and the start-ups involved in the support programmes

  • At a local level, present in the local branches of the authorities (e.g. regional mutuals), in liaison with the French Tech Capital representing a geographical area

The Banque de France assigns a rating to start-ups, taking into account the specific features of their growth model. This is based on balance sheet data and a strengthened dialogue with its network of Start-up Correspondents in each region and French Tech Capital. As a result, 90% of the start-ups in the French Tech Next40/120 listed by the Banque de France benefit from a listing that facilitates access to bank financing.

Maurice Oms

National start-up correspondent
Banque de France

The list of French Tech Correspondents

A network of more than 60 administrations and public services, with 245 French Tech Correspondents appointed in July 2019.


Ministère de l’Économie et des Finances
Direction générale du Trésor
Ministère de l’Économie et des Finances
Direction générale des Finances publiques – Euronext
Banque européenne d’investissement
Banque de France


Ministère de l’Europe et des affaires étrangères
Ministère de l’Économie et des Finance
Direction générale du Trésor
Ministère de l’Économie et des Finance
Business France
Réseau des Chambres de Commerce à l’International


Pôle Emploi
Capitales et Communautés French Tech

Public affairs

Première ministre
Direction interministérielle de la transformation publique
Première ministre
Direction interministérielle du numérique
France Experimentation

Public purchasing

Direction des Achats de l’État

Ecological transition



Banque des Territoires
Secrétariat général pour l’investissement

And many more!