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Organised by : French Tech Mission

Forum “Next generation, key players in tomorrow’s French Tech”.

Job · Diversity · Education · Networking · Strategic development

Starts on

Friday 20 October 2023

Time :

13h30 – 17h

Centre de conférence Pierre Mendès France

Ministère de l’Economie, des Finances, de la Souveraineté industrielle et numérique
139 Rue de Bercy, 75012 Paris

The forum and its objectives

As part of French Tech’s 10th anniversary week, Mission French Tech is organising a forum to bring together the French start-up ecosystem and young girls and boys aged 14 to 18.

10 Years of French Tech Week is an opportunity to celebrate the development of the French tech ecosystem, but also to make tech accessible to everyone by showcasing the diversity of professions and profiles that make it so rich.

Registration is not open to the public.

Course of the forum

The forum, entitled “Next generation, key players in tomorrow’s French Tech”, will run from 1.30pm to 5pm. School classes (around 250 secondary school students from all streams) are invited to meet the participating tech ecosystem.

The secondary school pupils will discover 13 stands representing the French Tech ecosystem, in all its diversity (DeepTech, AgriTech, industry, etc.), and 1 Mission French Tech stand.

  • Yespark (French Tech Next40/120), a start-up offering a solution for the long-term rental of car parking spaces via an application.

  • Tap Nation (French Tech Next40/120), a start-up specialising in the publishing of mobile games, to support the growth of innovative game creators.

  • My Job Glasses (French Tech 2030), specialising in human resources, aims to put students and professionals in touch with each other using digital tools to improve careers guidance and recruitment.

  • Zeplug (French Tech Next40/120) aims to facilitate the recharging of electric and hybrid vehicles. It is currently the only solution for installing charging points for electric vehicles that is free of charge for condominiums and management costs for managing agents.

  • Standing Ovation (French Tech 2030), a FoodTech that uses science to create a vegan cheese that respects the planet and has no animal involvement, while retaining the same properties as traditional cheese.

  • Flying Whales (French Tech Next40/120) wants to revolutionise air cargo transport by using dirigible balloons, an innovative transport solution based on a new ecosystem.

  • Winside (a start-up supported by La French Tech Grand Paris) offers training courses to stimulate the career plans of people who are far from employment or digital technology, using an educational approach.

  • Métiers 360 is a start-up that uses a fun and innovative solution to explore professional worlds in virtual reality, in particular with virtual reality headsets.

  • Ekowash (French Tech Tremplin), a French company that aims to improve hand hygiene while consuming fewer resources. They want to develop EKO: a kiosk that offers a complete, automated, touch-free hand-washing cycle that drastically reduces the volume of water used.

  • Ynsect (French Tech 2030) innovates in the field of food alternatives by producing natural proteins and fertilisers from insects.

  • DeepDown (French Tech Tremplin), formerly Supersteps, is an online urban dance academy offering live classes and programmes based on freestyle. The aim is to give each student the tools they need to develop a dance that reflects who they are and is a natural way of expressing who they are.

  • ARTHIS (supported by La French Tech Grand Paris) invents no-code augmented reality solutions that enable people to inhabit the space between the real and the virtual. It’s the first mobile application that lets you create, take part in and share geolocated routes in Virtual Reality.

As they pass by these stands, students will be able to meet and talk with other students to find out more about the French tech ecosystem, its ambitions, its professions, its challenges and its diversity. The forum could inspire many of them to want to be part of the story of the next 10 years of French Tech!

Find out more about the tech ecosystem and its professions