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French Tech’s 10th anniversary Week is underway!

French Tech 10th's anniversary Week

Dans le cadre de la labellisation des événements célébrant les 10 ans de la French Tech, plus de 200 évènements sont organisés en France et dans le monde entier. Découvrez une vidéo qui célèbre 10 ans d’actions majeures pour les start-up françaises !

Video review of 10 years of French Tech

Video review of 10 years of French Tech French Tech 10th anniversary Week

The video is a motion design* graphic animation made up of a succession of animated shapes, photos from an image bank and logos of the French Tech Mission programmes and initiatives, retracing 20 key events spread over 9 major years in the history of the French Tech Mission. These events are narrated by a male voice-over.

2023, 10 years of French Tech


Voice-over – 10 years ago, Fleur Pellerin, Minister for the Digital Economy, launched the French Tech Mission.
Start-ups**, investors and decision-makers joined forces to promote and accelerate innovation.


The Mission didn’t wait to make its mark on the other side of the Atlantic. It took part in the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, then inaugurated the first French Tech Hub in San Francisco. The same year, the first 9 French Tech Metropolises were accredited.


The Grande École du Numérique opens its doors to train new talent.


The expansion continues. In October 2016, the French Tech network already has 22 structured communities around the world that bring together entrepreneurs who deploy the vision of the French Tech public action.


The following year, Station F sees the light of day in France. The world’s largest start-up campus was established in the heart of Paris and hosted the first French Tech Central. A local support centre dedicated to start-ups to give them easier access to public services. As for foreign talent… to attract them, the French Tech Visa, which simplifies access to work and residence permits, is now open to all start-ups.


New initiatives are flourishing. The first French Tech Next40/120 programme supports 120 promising French start-ups and scale-ups, and the network of French Tech correspondents within our partner administrations is officially launched. This was followed by the French Tech Tremplin, which supports thousands of budding entrepreneurs from backgrounds that are under-represented in the French start-up ecosystem. Then there is the French Tech Community Fund, dedicated to financing impact projects. 2019 will also see the launch of the Tibi initiative, or how to mobilise the savings of institutional investors to finance technology companies.


Then the kick-off of Scale up Europe under the French Presidency of the European Union enables the emergence of European technology champions.


But in order to transform sectors of excellence on a long-term basis through technological innovation, a new year had to begin, and with it an unprecedented investment plan: France 2030. In the meantime, 25 unicorns*** have emerged on the French scene, including Exotech, the 1st industrial unicorn. Equality between men and women in the digital sector is progressing. 200 signatories commit to the Parity Pact.


The 125 winners of the first promotion of the French Tech 2030 programme were announced, phase 2 of the Tibi initiative was launched and the Minister Delegate for the Digital Sector, Jean-Noël Barrot, presented “Je choisis la French Tech” (I choose French Tech). The aim of this plan is to double the use of French start-up solutions by public and private sector players by 2027. Today, we are present in 16 capital cities, 32 communities in France and 67 communities in 52 countries. We are determined to continue shaping our future by innovating and developing over the next 10 years.

[Overall vision of the next 10 years in the form of a pyramid].

We’re proud to look back, but we’re determined to look forward.

[French Republic – Liberty Equality Fraternity]

[La French Tech]

* Motion design: motion design is the art of bringing graphic elements (photos, typography, shapes, etc.) to life through movement.

** Start-up: a start-up is a young company in its early stages of development. It generally seeks funding to develop its product or service.

*** Unicorn: the term “unicorn” refers to a start-up that has achieved a valuation of at least one billion dollars.

The week of 16 to 20 October 2023 is an opportunity to look back on 10 years of French Tech, and to highlight the advances that have made the French start-up ecosystem so successful.

This ecosystem brings together start-ups, associations, private organisations and government departments, all of which are involved in devising and implementing public programmes and measures to strengthen the movement.

Mission French Tech, the public body responsible for supporting and promoting the French start-up ecosystem, would like to thank all those who have made French Tech a unique collective adventure recognised the world over.

More than 200 events labelled “French Tech’s 10 years anniversary Week”

From Singapore to San Diego to Bordeaux, over 200 events are being organised to highlight 10 years of French Tech and make tech accessible to everyone.

A host of players are involved, including the entire network of French Tech Capitals and Communities, as well as public bodies (such as the French Customs and Excise Authority and INPI) and private companies (such as Qonto [French Tech Next40] and Evaneos [French Tech Next40]).

Examples of labelled projects

Educational activities by La French Tech Mont-Blanc | 16 October

La French Tech Mont-Blanc is organising a week of educational activities with the Lycée polyvalent du Mont-Blanc (Passy) on the local economy, particularly in the industrial sector. It is also organising a learning expedition to Grenoble (30/10) and a conference on start-up financing (24/10) with the Banque de France.

Evening at the French Embassy in Delhi | 17 October

La French Tech India is organising an evening at the French Embassy in Delhi, to celebrate 10 years of French Tech and inspire future projects for French innovation in India.

Forum “Young people, players in tomorrow’s French Tech” | 19 October

More than 300 young people, from secondary school to high school, will be discovering #FrenchTech start-ups for a whole afternoon at the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty. Teams from start-ups Yespark, Zeplug, Flying Whales and Ÿnsect will be on hand to talk to the innovators of tomorrow.

Qonto Masterclass | 19 October

Qonto, the unicorn offering the first all-in-one financial solution for SMEs and the self-employed, is organising a masterclass on “How to make your fundraising a success“.

On the programme:

  • Defining the strategy and objectives of your business plan

  • Identifying potential investors for your project

  • Mastering the negotiation of contractual clauses