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Supporting start-ups

The French Tech Mission has 3 missions which guide all its actions. Supporting start-ups, in the form of support programmes, enables the French Tech Mission to support the development of technology start-ups that meet the State's priorities. The French Tech Mission focuses on companies with the potential to become world-class leaders; those developing breakthrough innovations that address major societal challenges in line with France 2030; and those founded by entrepreneurs who are under-represented in the ecosystem.

Our support programmes

The French Tech Mission has established a support strategy for the French start-up ecosystem based on 3 pillars:

  • Enabling the emergence of future European and global tech champions, and competing with the biggest technology players;

  • Supporting the development of start-ups offering disruptive innovations, by accelerating the most advanced start-ups that will be tomorrow’s champions;

  • Opening up access to the ecosystem to people who are far removed from the world of entrepreneurship.

245 start-ups

are supported by our various support programmes

11,3 billion euros

in sales by 2022 by French Tech Next40/120 start-ups

8 programmes and initiatives

are offered by the French Tech Mission to support the economic and social development of start-ups

Programmes dedicated to national start-ups

Mission French Tech runs two support programmes.

French Tech Next40/120 provides direct support for the most advanced start-ups in terms of economic maturity, to enable them to compete with international rivals.

French Tech 2030, operated alongside the General Secretariat for Investment and Bpifrance, supports start-ups with a high technological content and positioned in sectors identified as strategic within the framework of France 2030. There is also a

Local programmes dedicated to entrepreneurs

The French Tech Mission supports entrepreneurs who are under-represented in the ecosystem in creating and launching their start-ups through the French Tech Tremplin programme. To be eligible for this programme, founders and foundresses must come from the priority neighbourhood for urban policy, rural areas, receive minimum social benefits, etc. Deployed by the Capitales French Tech network, this programme enables people with little experience of entrepreneurship to create their own start-up by overcoming socio-economic obstacles.

To complement this support, and to encourage the emergence of new entrepreneurs in the French tech ecosystem, the French Tech Mission is working alongside the Capitales French Tech to roll out the French Tech Rise. This national event showcases start-ups from every region of France in front of leading venture capital funds.

Finally, the French Tech Central aims to facilitate access for all start-ups to the main public services in their area, which are useful to their daily life and growth, with the aim of identifying their specific needs and ensuring a coordinated response between public players.

Initiatives to co-construct a fairer and more sovereign French Tech ecosystem

The French Tech Mission’s ambitions, in line with the government’s priorities, now go beyond supporting the economic development of technology start-ups. French Tech must be a model in France and internationally, reflecting the French population and setting an example in terms of social development.

Parity Pact 

The French Tech Mission is taking the issue of parity head on and working hand in hand with entrepreneurs, driven by the conviction that no start-up will be a world leader in the coming years without this approach. Together, the French Tech ecosystem is working to promote gender equality in the tech industry, where the gaps are still glaring and the players involved are largely unaffected by existing legislation.

The Parity Pact, launched in May 2022 and co-created with the companies in the French Tech ecosystem, sets out 5 commitments to be followed in terms of governance, management, recruitment, representation and parenthood, to make parity the norm in business. There are now over 200 signatories, including more than 80 start-ups from the French Tech Next40/120.

Supported and accompanied by the French Tech Mission, the signatories undertake to :

  • To set a minimum threshold of 20% women on company boards by 2025, rising to 40% by 2028.

  • Train 100% of managers on the challenges of diversity and the fight against discrimination and harassment

  • Guarantee that 100% of the job descriptions published by the company are aimed at both men and women.

  • Set up a joint team of male and female representatives to speak on behalf of the company, both internally and externally

  • Set up specific support for each employee returning from parental leave

Je choisis la French Tech

With its “Je choisis la French Tech” initiative, the French Tech Mission aims to put French Tech’s innovations at the service of the country’s major transformations. The aim is to encourage local institutions and businesses to choose French Tech solutions.

Through this initiative, the French Tech Mission aims to raise the profile of French technological solutions and encourage their adoption by the country’s businesses and public administrations.

“Je choisis la French Tech” has 4 objectives:

  • Strengthening technological sovereignty, by meeting the needs for digital, technological and ecological transformation of the economic fabric and public administrations

  • Strengthening the economic impact of the French Tech ecosystem, by maintaining in France the value created (sales, jobs, industrial sites) by the purchases of companies and public purchasers

  • Increase start-ups’ revenues, in a financing context where profitability is a key factor in development

  • Stimulate start-up innovation by providing market prospects