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Survey on the ambitions of French start-up managers for 2033

Strategic development

In October 2023, the French Tech Mission and CSA (Consumer Science & Analytics) published a self-administered survey, with 206 start-up managers responding. The aim was to gather information on the ambitions and development needs of start-ups over the next 10 years.

A survey that clarifies the ambitions of start-up managers

To mark French Tech’s 10th anniversary week, Mission French Tech, in collaboration with CSA (Consumer Science & Analytics), surveyed 206 start-up managers based throughout France. Of these, 2/3 were based outside the Paris region.

The aim of the survey was to find out about the ambitions and needs of start-ups, with a particular view to improving the support they receive from public institutions, through priority areas ranging from funding to gender equality and internationalisation.

The results of the survey

Funding, recruitment, ecological transition… Start-ups’ ambitions for the coming years are clearly taking shape!

Here is a selection of results to summarise the survey:

  • For 3/4 of the entrepreneurs questioned, France is a good place to start a business!

  • 80% believe they will grow by creating opportunities to meet private sector customers

  • 89% of entrepreneurs consider it a priority to increase public funding

  • 95% of start-ups plan to expand internationally within 5 years

  • 65% plan to recruit school leavers

  • 34% of managers of start-ups between 2 and 5 years old plan to build a factory in the next few years

  • 80% declare that they have a strategy to meet current environmental challenges

  • 82% see artificial intelligence as an opportunity for their development

  • 85% have set targets for gender parity within their start-ups