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What is French Tech? Talent from the digital world explains!

French Tech 10th's anniversary Week · Ecosystem · Diversity

To mark the 10th anniversary of French Tech, Mission French Tech has teamed up with Brut, César Culture G and Scilabus to explain what French Tech is, the innovations that are driving society forward and the tech professions. Check out their explanatory videos!

10 years of French Tech: an opportunity to open up the tech sector to everyone

French Tech’s 10th anniversary week had one aim in particular: to open the doors of the tech sector to all those who are curious, and in particular to the younger generation. The fields that make up the sector are expanding rapidly and are always on the lookout for new, diverse profiles.

Nothing better than the example of Wandercraft, supported by the French Tech 2030 programme, and the explanations of Clara Chappaz, Director of Mission French Tech, for the French media Brut!

Discover the report by Brut.

Brut. report on French start-ups as part of French Tech’s 10th anniversary week Brut video report.

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César Culture G and Scilabus tell you all about French Tech and the objectives of French Tech’s 10th anniversary week.

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Who are the people behind French Tech?

Tech is everywhere in our daily lives. It covers a wide range of fields: digital, electronics, robotics, culture, education, space, mobility, agriculture, health, data, artificial intelligence, GreenTech, human resources, sustainable materials, low-carbon energy production, food, etc.

Here are just a few examples:

  • ImCheck Therapeutics is a healthcare start-up committed to developing a new generation of therapeutic antibodies against cancer, autoimmune and infectious diseases

  • CityScoot and its electric scooters are revolutionising access to two-wheelers and mobility in France’s biggest cities

  • Green Spot Technologies produces food ingredients from fruit co-products

  • Vestiaire Collective is a GreenTech company that reduces pollution by buying and selling second-hand clothes

All these sectors are looking for a diversity of profiles to join their teams!

Working in tech is not just for developers. It encompasses a vast diversity of professions. You can become an artificial intelligence engineer, cybersecurity expert, video game designer, maintenance operator, digital marketing manager, graphic designer, and many other opportunities. Start-ups need talent in specialisms ranging from logistics to communications, from purchasing to human resources!